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St Peter's Residents' Association, Hammersmith, W6

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Safer Neighbourhoods


Dial 999 if:

• You are a witness/victim of a crime and the suspect is nearby.

• Police are needed to preserve the peace, or prevent a dangerous situation.

• A crime is about to be/ is being committed.

• You require protection from physical harm.

You can also report a crime online here.

Or hate crimes can be reported here.

Dial 0208 721 2519 if:

• Police are needed soon but it is not an emergency (e.g. a burglary and the suspect is no longer on the premises).

Dial 0208 246 2702 or email ravenscourtpark.snt@met.police.uk if:

• If you want to speak to a member of the crime team but it is not an emergency and can wait for a few days if necessary.


Town Hall phone number: 87548 3020

To report problems you can use the number above, the smartphone app or the LBHF website.

Our ward councillors are Bora Kwon, Asif Siddique and Jonathan Caleb-Landy, and run Drop-In-Surgeries at The Grove Neighbourhood Centre, 7 Bradmore Park Road, London, W6 0DT:

1st Saturday of the month 10:00 - 11:00

2nd Tuesday of the month 18:00 - 20:00

Last Saturday of the month 11.00 - 12:00

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Committee minutes

The minutes of the last committee meeting on 13th July are now up on the Commitee Minutes page. The minutes from the 2019 AGM are also on that page. A PDF of the AGM minutes and associated reports can be downloaded from the Downloads page.


Doorstep fraud: Do be wary of doorstep fraud – at least one male in his 40s with a brown matt of hair has been working the area. He tends to bang loudly on your door (always suspicious!) and then will use a sob story to attempt to con money out of you – examples are that he lives round the corner, cannot get into the house/ flat, has children waiting in the car etc etc. Please see him off and keep any eye out in case he is trying it on with your neighbours. Do all 101 or 999 if you believe a crime is being committed and let SPRA know if you have been a victim so we can pass it on to the police to help build a case against this type of fraud.

Car related: We have been made aware that there has been a spate of catalytic converter thefts in the area – generally targeting four-wheel drive cars, presumably as they are easier to get beneath. The thieves operate quietly under cover of darkness so if you see any suspicious activity, dial 999.

Phone Mast in North Verbena Gardens

There's a planning application by Hutchison 3G for a 20m high mobile phone mast to be located on the edge of North Verbena Gardens open space (near the entrance to the Black Lion Lane subway under the A4). Details are here. SPRA will oppose this; this is a conservation area and should be preserved and enhanced.

Litter picking

Please not that litter picking sessions on the first Saturday of each month are currently suspended, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Hammersmith Bridge

The latest on Hammersmith Bridge, bus routes and ways to cross the river can be found here.

Cycle lanes along Chiswick High Road

The latest plans for changes to the cycle lanes along Chiswick High Road can be accessed here.


Please let us know if you or your neighbours are in need of further support as the pandemic rumbles on. There is a range of different groups of nieghbours offering shopping, deliveries or just being available for a chat, and we can put you in touch.

59 Black Lion Lane is here.

22 & 24 St Peter's Grove is here.

42 Black Lion Lane is here.

Great West Road Adjacent To Open Space

near North Verbena Gardens is here.

19 St Peter's Square is here and here.

18 St Peter's Square is here and here.

1 Albert Terrace, Beavor Lane is here.  

9 St Peter's Square is here and here.

38 St Peter's Square is here and here.

1 St Peter's Villas here.