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Saturday 19th May - Royal Wedding in St Peter's Square

19 May from 11:30 am, St Peter's Square

The whole neighbourhood is invited to picnic in the square this Saturday, where a big screen will show the royal wedding. The event is being organised by St Peter's school PTA and follows on from their big Bridge to Bridge cycling fundraiser earlier that morning. Everyone welcome to bring a picnic, rugs ... and their tissues!

Fiday 18th May - Bach concert

18 May at 19:30, St Peter's Church, Black Lion Lane, W6 9BE

The Kensington Olympia Festival of Music and the Arts annual Bach concert, produced and conducted by Ashley Stafford. This is a rare opportunity to experience a dramatic, ecstatic and soul-searching programme of four keynote miniature masterpieces by the old master. These works encompass and perhaps even excel in range and intensity, Bach’s great choral and orchestral master-pieces, such as the Passions and Brandenburg concertos.

Tickets: Standard £15 Student £10

To book tickets www.thelittleboxoffice.com/KOFMA

Call: 07779108108 E-mail: info@kofma.co.uk

Thursday 21st June - In discussion

21 June at 20:00, St Peter's Church, Black Lion Lane, W6 9BE

The Right Honarable Iain Duncan Smith will speak on 'Poverty and the Family'.

Saturday 7th July - As You Like It

"Shakespeare in the Squares" will be bringing a production of As You Like It to St Peter's Square for one night only, at 7pm on Saturday 7th July 2018. We encourgae people to come and picnic beforehand. (In the event of wet weather, the performace will be in St Peter's Church.)

Tickets (£14.18 - £27.34) are on sale exclusively for SPRA members until Friday May 11th, before going on general sale. You can buy them here:


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