St Peter's Residents' Association, Hammersmith, W6

SPRA Committee

The Association is run by a Committee of volunteers elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting which also elects the officers of the Association currently comprising a Chair (Stephen Askins), Treasurer (Liz Ryland) and Secretary (Louise Devonshire).

Meetings of the Committee are held throughout the year at about six weekly intervals. In addition to the Committee there are also thirteen Street Representatives who deliver newsletters and collect subscriptions, as well as sub-committees (e.g. St. Peter's Square garden, the chairman of which is Oliver Leigh Wood).

Other members of the committee include Fazina Blanchard; Nichole Detering; Oliver Leigh Wood; and Sarah Macdonald.

The Committee welcomes any resident with an interest in becoming involved to join the meetings in order to get an idea of what being a Committee Member entails before being either co-opted as a Member or putting him/herself forward for election at the next AGM.

If you are interested please contact any member of the Committee via the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Association's AGM is usually held around the end of June/beginning of July to which all members are warmly invited.

In addition to the election of the Committee and officers as mentioned above, the Chairman and Treasurer present their respective reports and there is an opportunity for any member to raise issues of concern or seek further information on matters dealt with by the Committee. There is also the opportunity to socialise with other members before and after the meeting.

Matters which are under active consideration and forthcoming activities can be found elsewhere on the website, but any Member of the Committee is available to be contacted

If you are new to the area or, indeed, an existing resident who has not yet become a member of the Association we invite you to join with the existing membership and the Committee in playing a part in seeking to ensure that what attracts us to the area and makes us so fortunate to live in and around St. Peter's Square is preserved and enhanced for present and future residents.