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Safer Neighbourhoods

National Hate Crime Awareness Week runs from 14th to 21st October, and there will be awareness stalls in Shepherd’s Bush, Lyric Square and Fulham Broadway.

Safer Neighbourhood Board

The minutes of the last meeting of the board can be found below.

The team now has a Facebook page up and running. Search for "Ravenscourt Park Police" and LIKE the page. This will allow you to follow the team on Facebook for the latest news and events going on around the ward.

Neighbourhood Watch

Click on the link below to view/download a longer article about Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, as well information about who to contact and when regarding an incident:

Neighbourhood Watch

Robin Nott is the N/W coordinator for St Peters Square and Villas. Anybody in the area interested to be added to the emailing list should contact SPRA (contact@spraweb.net).

The latest report from Ravenscourt Park Neighbourhood Watch can be downloaded here.

Parks police

If you encounter crime or antisocial behaviour in St Peter’s Square (or other parks in the area) you can report it to the Parks Police on 020 8753 5999. Find out more about the service here.

Minutes of the Safer Neighbourhood Board

The minutes of the meeting of the

Safer Neighbourhood Board

Thursday 30th March 2017 – 7.00 p.m.


David Millar (SNB Chair), Farooq Sheikh (H&F Police), Nadim Khaliq (H&F Police), Nick Wood (Shepherds Bush), Caroline MacMillan (Askew), Angela Horsfall (Ravenscourt Park), Annabel Cottrell (Fulham Town), Marie Thomas (HAFTRA), Paul McInulty (HAFTRA), Stephen Garside (Avonmore & Brook Green), Tony Boys (Fulham Reach), Latoya Ridge (Victim Support), Chris Reynolds (LBH&F), Pat Cosgrave (LBH&F)


Amanda Lloyd-Harris (Palace Riverside), Howard Weinberg (Addison), Phil Greasley (Victim Support), Councillor Mike Cartwright (LBH&F), Matthew John (Hammersmith London), Julie Farn (Addison), Sarah Chambers (Fulham Broadway), Andreene Eaton (WC&W), Gideon Springer (H&F Police), Hannah Wheeler (H&F Police)

1. Minutes & Matters Arising

The minutes of the December meeting were accepted as an accurate record.

2. Chair’s update

DM made note of the recent terror attacks in Westminster.

Policing & Crime Plan

DM noted that the Mayor has published the Policing & Crime Plan and asked PC to send a link to the Plan in the minutes.


The Plan explicitly references the work of SNBs and ward panels, and public engagement is an underpinning theme of the Plan, as well as a focus on victims of crime. DM added his congratulations to H&F Police, who are mentioned in the Plan as the borough force with the highest satisfaction rate in the MPS.

The Mayor has guaranteed 2 DWOs and 1 PCSO for every electoral ward in London. These dedicated officers will focus on visibility and engagement. SNBs and ward panels are to be consulted on how and when the DWOs should be available to the local population and have oversight that this function is carried out. DM asked that the meeting consider a framework that the SNB can put in place to monitor this.

BCU Pathfinder Pilot

There was a brief discussion around how boroughs will be joined into Basic Command Units to achieve financial efficiencies. The current proposals would merge LBHF with Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster into one BCU. There have been considerable objections raised locally, mainly on the basis that Westminster is a unique borough in terms of its economy, tourism, and diplomatic focus that it should be treated as a separate BCU.

The intention is that the BCU mergers will be rolled out in the next financial year (2018/19). It remains to be seen how BCU mergers will affect engagements with such bodies as SNBs.

DM noted that Gideon Springer, the borough commander, was retiring later this year. TB asked whether there was any indication as to who would be the new borough commander. FS said that that had not been decided and it is unlikely that it will be decided until the decision has bene made on the BCU merger proposals.

Other matters

DM has been asked to join the board of the London Communities Policing Partnership. This is likely to be an increasingly influential local body as it has representation from all 32 boroughs SNBs attending.

DM asked CR for an update on SNB public engagement events. CR reported that funding had been allocated from the 2016/17 SNB budget to purchase equipment to host a rolling programme of events. These events will travel around the borough and engage with residents, and survey their opinions on crime. These events will hopefully reach a greater footprint that the traditional crime roadshows.

AH asked whether the Taser presentation by the police that was held last August could be replicated? FS and NK will look into the matter.

DM noted that the MPS have launched a revamped website with a new online crime reporting facility. Local SNTs may have already send out the link


DM has been told then eventually each ward will have its own page on the website. It was discussed and agreed that when the website is completed that the SNB should look at ways in which its existence can be communicated and advertised.

NW asked whether there was any update on the closure of Hammersmith Magistrates Court? DM and CR reported that despite there being an overwhelming consensus from the consultation that it should remain open the Home Office had decided to go ahead with the closure.

3. Police update

FS gave some feedback on how the impacts of officers moving off borough whilst the police station is being refurbished has been managed. He was pleased to report that H&F Police have been in the top three in the MPS or call response times for the last three months. This has been achieved staggering shift start times and patterns to ensure that peak demand is being met. FS performance manages this aspect of local policing. FS also reported that the police have amended their foot patrol strategy and are now using pulse patrols. This is where patrols flood areas in rotation for short periods of time to provide high visibility and high impact policing.

FS reported that the borough has seen a rise in knife crime, especially in the W12 area. The police have put together proactive operations to tackle this. The operations have yielded 42 arrests and the seizure of a large number of weapons.

TB asked what the cause of the increase had been? NK responded that it arose from increasing tension between some gang members in W12 and other gangs from off borough, with escalation especially apparent on social media, such as YouTube. NK reported that the police were sharing intelligence and other resources with police in Kensington to tackle the problem.

PMc asked whether there were any fears of escalation, specifically around firearms. NK responded that the police have seized two firearms, one decommissioned pistol and one air pistol. He reported that the police carry out regular weapons sweeps in affected areas and that many bladed articles had been recovered.

FS reported that as a result of the increasing activity in W12 there has been a commensurate rise in Taser use on the borough. Since the December meeting there have been 16 instances of Taser use on the borough. On 4 occasions the Taser was drawn only, on 3 occasions it was aimed, 6 uses resulted in red dotting and on only 3 occasions was the Taser actually discharged.

FS reported that the police have agreed new control strategy priorities for 2017/18. The priorities include:

-  Safeguarding children and adults.

-  Developing our people for the future

     1       Reducing and Solving Crime and Offender Management: Burglary, Robbery and VWI.

TB asked whether the officer development element of the priorities included training in criminology and forensic sciences?

FS replied that whilst not all officers might be fully trained in such fields, the police do use techniques from these fields in order to analyse more effectively, for example the details of complaints behind stop & search. 
TB asked what the main performanc

e metrics were for the police?

FS went through some of the key performance measures, such as response times to high priority call outs. He noted that the police were trying to improve their general response, by linking uniformed and detective start in the same response vehicle to improve both initial contact and secondary detection. 
DM welcomed such initiatives and asked wh

ether it was realistic for them to be sustained? FS responded that by ensuring staff are continually involved in improving professional standards that improvements could be sustained and further improvements achieved.

4. Crime data pack & discussion 
Hard copies of the most recent available data and a performance summary had been distributed with the papers for the meeting.

NK talked briefly about some of the key offence types. He noted that whilst theft from motor vehicle had reduced the upward trend of theft of vehicles was a concern. He reassured the meeting that proactive operations were being run to tackle this. PC added that the SNB had used some of their 2016/17 funding to pay for GPS tracking equipment that could be fitted free of charge to residents, two wheeled vehicles in high crime areas.

TB noted that the arrest rate arising from stop and search of 21.8% seemed impressive when compared to the MPS average and whether this was usual. NK noted that whilst performance on this metric had been good in H&F for the past year, the work taking place currently in W12 involved a lot of targeted stop and search within exclusion zones and that such focussed use of the tactic tended to yield better results.

TB then noted that there were some offence types where H&F seemed to be underperforming against other boroughs. SG asked that with the summer coming whether there would be an increase in proactive prevention work around some of these offence types? FS responded that the police to plan enforcement and

patrol activity using analysis of data on seasonal peaks and using predictive crime mapping.

DM noted that there was much information contained in the data pack and it wasn’t always feasible within the meeting time to go through the full pack in detail. If there are any pressing questions after the meeting members should send them to PC who will ensure a response can be made available.

5. Funding & SNB priorities

PC will be producing an outcomes report from funded projects for MOPAC and will share this with the SNB membership as soon as it is available.

DM reported that MOPAC had confirmed that the same level of funding would be made available to each Board for 2017/18, meaning that the SNB have approximately £24,000 to allocate to projects meeting its priorities, as long as they align with MOPAC priorities.

DM felt that the themes of crime prevention and youth should continue to be a priority for the SNB. He noted that the police had discussed recent issues in the W12 area and wondered whether there would be scope for funding some youth provision in that area.

There was an open discussion where members were asked for any ideas where they felt the SNB funding could be targeted. Several suggestions were made, including:

-  Crimes against the elderly – more target hardening of vulnerable properties to be funded.

-  Sands End youth club, e.g. their boxing project

-  White City youth club

-  Funding the youth parliament to carry out engagement with young people about their crime concerns.

-  Funding self-defence classes for young people

-  Funding first aid classes for young people.

It was discussed and agreed that any members who had contacts at any third sector organisations should ask them to e-mail pat.cosgrave@lbhf.gov.uk for discussions around how the SNB may be able to support their work.

6. Stop & Search Monitoring group

This item was tabled for the June meeting

7. SNB Membership

DM noted that most wards in the borough have a functioning and generally well attended ward panel, and that these panels were the bedrock of the SNB. He asked the meeting how they felt the SNB could help support and grow ward panels?

AC felt that panels always needed new members. MT felt that there needed to be more representation from residents who live on housing estates to ensure the panels were more representative. SG felt that increased visibility from the police would encourage more people to get involved.

NK noted that by May the full strength SNTs should be in place, with 2 x DWOs and 1 x PCSO for each ward, and that a large part of their role would be communicating and engaging with the public, including attending ward panels.

AC and TB both noted difficulties in sharing information and thought more investigation around use of social media may be worthwhile.

Following further discussion around recruitment it was agreed that PC and NK would work on developing contact postcards, using SNB funding, that the DWOs could use at public events to encourage participation in ward panels.

8. AOB

LR noted that Victim Support would be happy to attend and support ward panel meetings. PC will add her contact details to the minutes for Chairs to contact her to invite their local VS representative (see below).

E: LaToya.Ridge@victimsupport.org.uk

T: 02072592424 | M: 07930822961

9. Dateof next meeting

29th June 2017 – 7.00 p.m. – Committee Room 1 – Hammersmith Town Hall