St Peter's Residents' Association, Hammersmith, W6


SPRA Committee Minutes

St Peter's Residents' Association

Draft 'Action minutes' of the Committee Meeting held 22 May 2017 at 47 Black Lion Lane

Present: Angela Dixon; Sarah Burrell; Liz Ryland (treasurer); Oliver Leigh Wood; Nichole Detering; Paulina Bukati; Steve Askins (Acting chair)

Apologies: Lou Devonshire; Jonathan Blackhurst; Gillian Nott; Andrew Winters; Fazina Blanchard

1.     Minutes of 19 April 2017 meeting

a.     Confirmed for publication on the website

2.     Jackie Stevens

Sadly Jackie Stevens died at the end of March. She and Bill lived in the SPRA area for over 40 years and their children grew up here. Jackie was an active and valued member of the local community. Until recently she was a street rep for Black Lion Lane and her involvement with SPRA dates back to being secretary at the time of Stan Page, SPRA's founder chairman. Jackie was also an important part of many community initiatives and activities beyond SPRA and will be much missed.

The committee recorded its gratitude for her contribution to the community and thoughts are very much with Bill, their children and grandchildren.

3.     SPRA 2017 AGM/ Summer Party and 40th celebrations

Venue/ date and timing/ menu/ ticket pricing

a.     Agreed to hold at the Carpenters Arms on Saturday 1st July 2017, subject to confirmation with the landlord re timing and final availability (Post meeting note: now confirmed)

b.     Agreed to hold AGM prior to summer party. Possible start time 5:30pm for 1 hour max (similar to 2016 AGM). Need to confirm venue OK with timing (Post meeting note: now confirmed)

c.     Agreed to 'up' the catering from usual 'nibbles' to buffet/ BBQ pre-theatre style menu.

d.     Reviewed and approved draft supper menu priced at £15 ph + £5 first drink (house wine/ beer) total £20 per head subject to final confirmation with landlord. Agreed ticket pricing of £10 per head for members, £15 non members with £10/£5 SPRA subsidy contribution. Guests to include founder/ early members. SPRA contribution expected to be less than £1,000 depending on total numbers.

40th celebrations

e.     Agreed to have 4-5 display boards covering the past 40 years in the SPRA area.

i.     Newsletters – likely focus on Anne Page content. LR has display board from Anne Page event and further material.

ii.     Agreed to see if Jilly Paver has any material from mid 1970s onwards which could contribute.  (post meeting note: JP has very little material from this period)

f.     Local film. Discussed with Sarah Macdonald at previous meetings. SM is confirming editing availability before commencing. (post meeting note: due to time/ editing constraints a local film will not be possible for the summer – possible for future events)

Invitation and ticket arrangement/ printing and distribution

g.     Following feedback from members that it is not ideal to only have tickets for pre-purchase from the venue, agreed that street reps would be asked to act as a contact point for tickets for their 'patch', in addition to tickets being available from the Carpenters Arms.

h.     Invitations to be printed for street rep distribution with street rep contact details on rear. Also with a note of how to join SPRA.

i.     Street reps to be provided with list of members/ residents for their patch and asked to encourage members/ residents to attend.

j.     Tickets – preferably printed and numbered.

k.     OLW offered to act as focal point for SPRA areas lacking street rep coverage.

AGM format/ Agenda

l.     Agreed same brief/ shorter format as 2016.

m.     AGM materials – action (post meeting note: FB has volunteered) to collate and print papers as follows:

i.     LR has accounts ready for auditor review.

ii.     Chair report. SA to liaise with JB

iii.     Mins from 2016 agm for approval.

iv.     SPRA heros – agreed founder/ original/ early members + departing cttee members  + any other outstanding contributions.

n.     2017-18 committee. Agreed to ask JB as vice chair to contact committee members to confirm intentions re 2017-18 committee bearing in mind need to increase “volunteering volunteers”/ address current dysfunctions.

4.     Any other (urgent) business

a.     Draped woman statue. SPRA has previously supported listing of the Karel Vogel 'draped woman' statue adjacent to St Peters church alongside the A4. Now listed, the statue is on the Heritage England 'at risk' register due to condition and deterioration of the concrete. Heritage of London Trust have informally approached the council to indicate they would be interested in funding repairs. However, to access these funds a condition survey is required to determine the works required at an estimated a cost of £1,000.

AD is approaching the H&F HBG to fund 50% and the committee agreed to contribute up to £500 to cover the other 50% of the survey cost.

b.     Garden day. Agreed to hold the next garden day in the Autumn with a focus on bulb planting etc.

c.     Planning matters.

i.     Applications previously discussed:

1.     4 St Peters Villas – rear extn @ B&G levels - decision overdue from the council.

2.     387 King Street – single storey rear extn to replace existing - decision overdue from the council.

3.     56 Black Lion Lane – replacement windows and doors – approved.

ii.     New applications:

1.     North Eyot Gardens – mobile phone mast at edge of A4 – SPRA commented re lack of comms to residents re conservation area. (Post meeting note: refused 24 May 2017)

2.     11 Beavor Lane – removal of planning condition re hours of use for this office building surrounded by residential units in Beavor Lane. Proposed change is to allow 24 hour operations 365 days per year. SPRA has commented.

3.     38 St Peters Sq – 'non-material' amendments to previous permission + provision of details re railings, stonework, doors etc. Comments due 6 June 17.

4.     11 Theresa Road -  new first floor extension on top of existing single storey rear extension. Agreed to review re neighbourliness etc. Comments due 9 June 17

5.     45 St Peters Grove – certificate of lawfulness re single storey rear extension. Not clear if comments can be made. To review.

d.     Financial update. LR confirmed that a donation of £1,000 had been received by SPRA following negotiations with the producers filming at 24 SPS.

e.     St Peters Road Shipping Container. ND to follow-up.

f.     Trees in Beavor Lane/ East end of Theresa Road. PB confirmed that some trees have been planted by the council (see previous meeting mins) but whilst residents were watering some of the trees others may have already expired. OLW offered to look at the trees to assess/ SA to follow up with the local councillors. In the meantime, keep watering!.

5.     Date and venue of next meeting - TBA

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

St Peter's Residents' Association

Minutes of the Fortieth Annual General Meeting of the Association

The Carpenter's Arms Pub, Saturday 1 July 2017

Those present:  Steve Askins (Acting-chair), Jonathan Blackhurst (Vice-chair), Elizabeth Ryland (Treasurer), Sarah Macdonald (acting Secretary), Nichole Detering, Paulina Bukaty, Oliver Leigh Wood, Fazina Blanchard, Gill Nott, Sarah Burrrell, Angela Dixon, and some 50 other members of the association and local guests.

In attendance:  Charles Clapham (Vicar of St Peter's Church), Cllr Harry Phibbs.

SA opened the meeting by welcoming members and guests to the 40th AGM.  He thanked the management and staff at the Carpenter's Arms for hosting the AGM.  SA told those gathered that they would find copies of the chair's report on various tables as had also been distributed via email to members in advance of the AGM.  Treasury reports were also available.

SA went on to explain that this is the 40th anniversary of SPRA, which is also 40 years since the Queen's Silver Jubilee.  The format of the evening is to hand over to Jonathan Blackhurst, his co-chair who would take members through the business part of the evening before drinks and a BBQ.

1.     Apologies.

Apologies received include: Louise & Andy Devonshire, James and Jessie Fletcher, Julia Everett & John O'Sullivan, Grant and Shirley Ratcliffe, Andrew Winters, Richard Thom, Phil and Penny Pritchard, Michael Burrell, Barnaby and Louise Terry, Robin Nott, Mark Levesley, Jamie & Lucinda Bruce, Tim Marsh, David Pemberton, Andrea Tanner, Tanya & Andrew Quale, Lucy Ivimy, Charlie Dewhirst, Nick Hennigan, Raj and Asha Sethi, Carolyn Oldham.

2.     Minutes of the 2016 AGM.

No amendments were noted.  The Minutes were duly proposed, seconded and were formally approved.

3.     Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2016 AGM

Gift for Mr Patel (former Postmaster) Following the discussion at the 2016 AGM a number of residents contributed to a gift for Mr Patel to thank him for his 24 years as local postmaster in addition to a SPRA contribution, totalling £375.

Pedestrian Crossing at the end of Black Lion Lane (and at Young's Corner).  There is widespread concern that the junctions are dangerous and the pedestrian crossing doesn't give people enough time to cross the road.  Harry Phipps has raised this with the council with no response. He is happy to 'give it a nudge'.  

Church Restoration Sarah Burrell updated the AGM on the completion of the church restoration and thanked everyone who contributed to the fund.

4.      Chair's Report.  

The Chairs report, which was circulated in advance and summarised at the meeting, is appended to these minutes. The following were further discussed:

a.     2017-18 Officers

SA has acted as Chair during the past year with JB as vice chair. JB proposed that for the coming year this arrangement be formalised and if acceptable to members they be Co-Chairs for the coming year. It is planned that Lou Devonshire will return in role of secretary later this year following her sabbatical and Liz Ryland has offered to continue as Treasurer.

b.     2017-18 Committee

Steve Askins, Jonathan Blackhurst, Liz Ryland, Sarah MacDonald, Nichole Detering, Fazina Blanchard, Oliver Leigh-Wood, Louise Devonshire.

c.     Election of the 2017-18 officers and committee

Proposed by Stephen Beharrell, seconded by Avril Grundberg and was unanimously agreed by the meeting.

d.     SPRA Heroes.  This is an opportunity to thank members who gone over and above in helping members of their community.  This year, being the 40th anniversary, it was felt that the SPRA heroes should be the founding and early members of SPRA. There were thoughts for those no longer with us. Particular mention was made of Joyce Edelman and Selma van de Pere who were at the meeting, for their roles in founding and establishing SPRA along with other early and founding members.  There was applause for their contribution to SPRA across the 4 decades.

5.     Treasurers Report.  Financial records were made available for AGM attendees to view.  The accounts were proposed by Stephen Beharrell and seconded by Brian Paver and unanimously agreed.

6.     Any Other Business.  

a.     Pedestrian crossings at the top of Black Lion Lane and Youngs Corner. There was further discussion (to that in item 3 above) over the phasing of the lights and the time it takes for them to change/ time allowed for pedestrians to cross. Councillor Harry Phibbs commented that it may be more appropriate to have a 'puffin' crossing at the end of Black Lion Lane which does not turn green for cars until pedestrians have cleared the crossing. SA said SPRA will follow-up with Cllr Phibbs on this.

b.     Shipping container in St Peter's Road. This matter has been discussed by the committee and Nichole Detering has taken it up with the council on the basis that it is not appropriate within a conservation area.

c.     Entwistle Terrace vacant ground floor retail space.  This has been vacant since the development was completed. The current hoardings are unsightly, a likely target for graffiti and a trap for litter. SA said it was not clear that the space was being actively marketed and SPRA will contact the council to points this out in case the developers may be aiming to turn the space into residential units.

d.     Broadband speed. If anyone else is having difficulty accessing fibre broadband they should contact SPRA and we will connect them with others experiencing issues to start a campaign. Cllr Phibbs commented that if the issue is wide-spread he would be pleased to help.

e.     Street cleaning. Street cleaning on rubbish collection days has been taking place pre-collection, leaving the streets needing post collection cleaning. Cllr Phibbs offered to take this up with the council.

f.     Signage on the pavements.  The increased use of 'A' board signs on the pavements by various local businesses was noted. It is not clear whether these have or require council permission. Situation to be monitored and followed up if necessary.

g.     Weeds on the pavements. The Council have taken to spraying these with hot water which is seen as ineffectual and indiscriminate. (flowers planted in tree-pits have been sprayed) Councillor Phibbs undertook to raise the issue of pavement weeds with the relevant Council officers.

There being no further business, the AGM was called to a close and the 40th celebrations commenced.


40th Annual General Meeting, 1 July 2017 – Chair's Report


SPRA's first AGM was in 1977, the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee so this our 40th!  It is an opportunity for us to celebrate and we are joined by a number of founder and early members, current and former committee and other members of the community who have worked to help preserve, protect and enhance this special area over the years.

Some of those joining us were instrumental in the setting up of SPRA and we also remember others who, sadly, are no longer with us.

SPRA began, as Residents' Associations commonly do, when people came together to deal with specific issues and threats to the area that they live in. Having got together, they then move forward and focus on the positive – in our case helping to preserve, enhance and protect the area and to develop the community. This is what SPRA has been doing for the past 40 years, and, we hope, will continue to do in the future.

Today also marks some significant changes for SPRA. Some of your wisest, most value-adding and longest serving committee members are standing aside to make way for a fresh generation of new and dynamic committee members from across the SPRA area – could you be one of them?

In review, the past year has been a relatively quiet one for SPRA.

We have retained our essential focus on preserving, enhancing and protecting the local area and have continued to emphasise the Association part of SPRA by facilitating events which enable the community to get together to build that essential spirit and to achieve things that we could not each do alone. We have also been supporting local businesses.

We are progressing with the administration of membership by standing order, and membership numbers are up so far in 2017 when compared to last year.

At the 2015 AGM we were asked “…. What were the plans for the SPRA's healthy financial reserves?” – again we took note and non-garden fund expenditure exceeded income, this year by £852!

Our SPRA heroes this year are our founder and early members.

PLEA FOR YOU TO GET INVOLVED: As you read this report, please do not think that SPRA is doing so well that no-one else is needed to help.  SPRA can and should do more but we need new committee members and volunteers who actually do stuff! Let us know and you can be co-opted on to the team…

EVENTS: SPRA facilitated and organised events over the past year include:

·     The October garden day: the community spent a Saturday morning planting, weeding, digging, sweeping and pruning in the Square. With multiple families participating over 800 bulbs were planted. Pictures of the flowers were on the website in the Spring.

·     The Winter Party – held in January at the Cross Keys with some 70 members and guests.

COMMUNITY: We helped to promote the St Peter's School fair held in the square, the school's Bridge2Bridge fund raiser, local open gardens, HF Arts Fest and other local events. We have also kept up regular community-wide communications and special thanks to: Jonathan Blackhurst for the regular newsletters and to the street rep team who have arranged distribution and Mark Levesley who manages membership emails, twitter and www.spraweb.net.

SPRA is also supporting the restoration of the Karel Vogel 'draped lady' statue by the A4 – this is now listed but is on the Heritage England 'at risk' register.

ST PETERS SQUARE GARDENS: in addition to the garden day, SPRA continues to host donations to the garden fund led tirelessly by Oliver Leigh Wood (the “Designated Funds” in the accounts) We also keep the dog poo bag dispensers stocked with bags paid for by SPRA. With usage running at about 49/day (up from 41/day last year!) we have purchased some 18,000 bags over the past year at a cost of almost £700.

PLANNING: We continue to monitor and comment on the planning applications which will impact the style, character and neighbourliness of the SPRA area. We have also liaised with neighbouring residents' associations where applications have wider impact.

MEMBERSHIP: An increasing proportion of members are paying by standing order and membership numbers as at end June 2017 are up vs. end June 2016.

FINANCES: The accounts were reviewed by the committee on 19 April 2017 and have been audited. Net expenditure of SPRA funds was £852 with reserves of £6,435 at year end. Income was down due to lower event and filming income in the year offset by an increase in membership subscriptions. Expenditure was £98 lower due to events offset by a donation to Mr Patel, the former postmaster. Since year-end £3,000 of film income has been secured.

COMMITTEE: We met on four occasions in the past year.  The chairing of the committee has continued to be in concept “rotational” in the expectation of a permanent chair when the composition of the committee allows.

We thank the following committee members who are standing down at this AGM and will further recognise their contributions at another time: Paulina Bukaty; Sarah Burrell; Angela Dixon; Gillian Nott; Andrew Winters.

Steve Askins 2016-17 Acting Chair & Jonathan Blackhurst 2016-17 Acting and Vice Chair